FINAL REVEAL: One Room Challenge Linking Participant



I am finally done! After 6 weeks of blood sweat and tears here is my final reveal!

 I am a Linking Participant on the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE founded by the amazing  Linda with Calling it Home Blog! Thank you Linda for doing this! I have had a BLAST!!! If you all are reading this for the first time you can catch up here on my original post week 1. I have been in the middle of giving my master bedroom a major facelift with major nips and tucks. After a lots of wine and bitching... plus loosing both my design assistants and numerous photo shoots and major interior installs... I AM DONE!!  I would like to give BIG SHOUT OUT TO THIBAUT FABRICS! All my drapery, bedding and ming chair blue Greek key fabrics are from Thibaut Fabrics.




BEFORE PHOTOS ... #whatwasIthinking... #embarssed

Here is the skinny on my updates.. 

1. New stain color on my existing hardwood floors

2. New walls - new color and texture needed

3. New color scheme - much needed

4. New furniture

5. New drapes

6. New overall look and feel

7. New fabrics 

8. New Bedding

9. New accessories

10. New artwork



New Rug,  new Sea Grass wallpaper, new overall look... our goal was "Preppy Palm Beach"


More after photos: The large artwork is an original oil painting by Kent Knowles. We Love his work and have 4 of his original pieces.



Sitting Area: I put in a vintage faux bamboo daybed as my sofa ( from my design pal Jill Brown), a vintage elephant fiberglass side table, 2 vintage pagoda style wall sconces, and a pair of vintage faux bamboo side tables I pulled together as a cocktail table. New upholstery on sofa in navy linen with contrast green welting.


These details in my sitting area are collected grouping: My pair of vintage lanterns, the Lane Furniture vintage faux bamboo side tables I am using as a pair for a cocktail table - I lacquered them green. I have had this vintage Fitz & Floyd chinoiserie dragon for years.




These are some detail photos of my desk area in the back. My vintage campaign desk #2. I decided against the first one and went with this style. This is a close up of my vintage faux bamboo arm chair with rattan seat and Dana Gibson Pillow. My vintage desk lamp the faux bamboo ginger jar is a gift from my BFF Paige Minear from The Pink Clutch Blog



Over My Bed I used Design Legacy's Lucite Wall Brackets to keep it fresh..



This is a close up of my vintage Blanc de chines figures I had made into bedside lamps, a close up of my art -a pair of blue and white vases from Mitchell Black suspended in Lucite, and front view of my Ming chairs with Thibaut Fabric - vintage frames from Shop Chairish.


More details of my master bedroom suite:


I have had a blast doing this! It has gotten me the master suite I have always wanted here at our Atlanta "Foxwoods" Home.... and it's "PREPPY PALM BEACH". I hope you have enjoyed seeing the transformation!! Let me know your comments and thoughts!

Have a Fantastic Summer 2014!! We will be heading to Hawaii on a Family VA-K soon!!







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Week 5: One Room Challenge: Linking Participant



WEEK 5 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE : Linking Participant

OK we are down to the last week! 


 I am in the process of redecorating our masterbedroom at our "Foxwoods" House in Altanta. I am linking up with 83 other bloggers courtesy of Calling It Home!!  If you missed last week ... you can catch up here!!  

Last Week I was STRESSED to the max! My wallpaper just got hung. My Electrican wigged out on me and I had to fire him & get another one STAT to finish the job! My contractor was all up in my house making a LARGE mess! Grout powder and DUST every where I looked! SO glad it is over! Plus on top of all of this I had a Minted photo shoot at my house all day this past Monday and this past Friday was the grand gala opening of the ASO (2014 Decorators Show House and Gardens: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Show House) our first time having a space and being a featured designer!  #thepressurewason.  Sunday I had a mild nervous breakdown.  In hind sight I might have had 5 mugs of coffee before breakfast! Thank the good Lord things have all come together for my room #oneroomchallenge. This week ALL my pieces are falling into place.  More stress this week! We just got our new Puppy Sammy Junior delivered! Plus my in laws were here with a house recently coming out of a master suite renovation!  I do not think my life could have had any more hoops to jump through to make it to this afternoon! 


Meet Sammy JUNIOR - our new pup!

 He is a snuggler and a Llewellin Setter! #HELOVESTOCHEWTHINGS-OHBOY!


So here is my journey with my #oneroom challenge! It has been so FUN!

Here are my original Inspiration Photos ( I called it Preppy Palm Beach) that I started out with:


(Photos Via Pinterest and My Cell Phone Camera)

My check list is 99.7 percent complete! Here are some sneak peaks of my details that have been happening over the past 2 days:


This is my vintage TV chest before we sprayed it! It is upside down in this photo!

Vintage TV chest during the lacquer paint update! Below:

CLOSE UP - My custom green color! I LOVE IT! # COLORCRUSH



My pair of Vintage Faux Bamboo Omega Style Mirrors: Sneak Peak ABOVE!  


Here is my custom fabric headboard above sneak peak! Navy linen with contrast welting! Can not wait to hang it!


Sneak peak of my sitting area! Lanterns installed and original art hung! Amy Howard Cocktail table with laundry on top of one side of the table!! #BADphoto



My vintage pair of ming arm chairs (I purchased on Chairish) got their "spray tan" face lift! See the before on the left photo and the after on the right photo. They are currently at the spa getting new fabric applied! Lving the freshness of the new lighter wood frames!


One Last sneak peak of my bedding! I am so excited! Cant wait to have it all pulled together!

I was so excited when I put my custom tailored dust skirt on! Fabric by Thibaut!

So I am finally home this afternoon relaxing for a change! Just back in from an interior design project we are doing in Cashier's North Carolina! David and I have a presentation tomorrow at the ASO show house discussing how to bring new life to vintage furniture! Wish Me Luck!

Till next week at the big reveal!

Remember go BIG OR GO HOME!







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Parker Kennedy Living One Room Challenge Week 4


One Room Challenge Linking Event, Round 2...Week 4

OK I am posting super late! I apologize but my work schedule with paying clients along with the (ASO) Atlanta Symphony Show House we just installed has been SUPER busy! Thank you guys for hanging with me! I posted a preview earlier today on my instagram! It is super easy with me on my phone (hence I can do a quick IG post between calls or meetings) I LOVE doing this and if it takes me till late Thursday night then I am doing it! I am so looking forward to seeing everyones rooms that I have been following!



 I am in the middle of redecorating our master bedroom suite here at our Atlanta house "Foxwoods".  I am linking up with 83 other bloggers courtesy of Calling it Home. Check out my last weeks progress from my last post! It has been a whirlwind of a week! LOTS of progress! Check put my newly hung wallpaper that just happened today! Crown goes in next!




Walls DONE TODAY!!! So glad this was stressing me out BIG time! I Love the way they turned out! I adore seagrass and the texture and the dimension it brings to a room! I must admit I do not live through construction well! I tend to be a neat freak! #allthismessisstressingmebigtime


Another big progress happened today! My Vintage MING Chairs arrived from Chairish! Now they are both off to the workroom for a facelift! Stay Tuned to see their new look soon! Here they are straight off the truck in my warehouse!



The chairs are getting new Thibaut Fabric and the frames are being lacquered ASAP!

I also picked up my pair of vintage  blanc de chine figures today. I had bought these at an estate sale back in the Fall. They were original just a pair of figures/statues but I wanted to convert them into lamps. I had my local lamp and shade company French mount these! Next the shades! I am thinking White paper pagoda style shades with a metallic gold interior - what do you guys think would be best? Check them out. LET ME KNOW!!


Also this week I have done my DIY project!! I wanted to have the entire bedroom to be tricked out in GOLD/BRASS accent tones! No Silver or No Chrome! I have a large collection of photo frames just all have different colors and finishes. I decided I love some so much I picked out my favorites and I started spraying them gold metallic! I am happy with the outcome! It is so EASY!  Check out my few photo frames I have done so far!

 Photo Frames : Before  Finishes


Mid Action Photo of the Spraying! Super Easy!


Final out come - 2 coats!

Now I have about 8 more frames to spray! I am wanting to do a collection of frames on my new vintage TV console! I hope you all liked my progress report! Enjoy your Friday tomorrow and good night! XO


Take care and until next week!

Remember GO BIG OR GO HOME! 

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