One Room Challenge: Week 3




Hello! Happy Thursday! It has been a crazy-crazy week for me! 5 interior installs and a major Atlanta Show House all going on right now THIS WEEK! Hence me posting so late this evening over a glass of much needed wine!!!  In case you are just tuning in... This is week 3 of the amazing ONE ROOM CHALLENGE hosted by Linda at Calling It Home! I am in the middle of renovating my master bedroom suite here at "Foxwoods" my Atlanta home.  I am a linking participant and having the most fun doing this! So TODAY during my busy schedule with paying clients my master bedroom room hardwood floors got a facelift! Check out my progress photos below!! Let me know if you like the new stain color! It was like world war 3 with me and David to settle on a final stain! #UGGG I did not want any stain with red or orange in it! I wanted a smoky brown with a hint of gray!

Before Hardwood Floors




Progress Photos During the Sanding



After Photos of the Final Stain Color... notice I am in running shoes and my orange Brooks Brother's shorts! No time for fancy clothes today!



The electrician comes after the three coats of poly dries! Then the Seagrass wallpaper is install! #EXCITED I managed to get my desk lacquered and re-finished, purchased my vintage desk lamp (from my BFF's thrift-ing find), and my desk chair came in from my Chairish purchase for it's seat to get custom made!



Blue Desk Lacquered                             Vintage Desk Chair                          Vintage Desk Lamp


Well I am off to an early bed time! The early bird gets the worm! Have a great week and until next Thursday! 



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One Room Challenge: Week 2



One Room Challenge Linking Event, Round 2...Week 2

Just back in from attending the Highpoint show & my intense work schedule for the ORC is on! I am updating my master bedroom and super excited about what I have in store for the final outcome! Check out my progress!

I jumped right in first thing Monday and booked all my sub contractors. I have signed off on all my estimaites and my drapery workroom is in Parker Kennedy Living overload! I am treating this like any other interior deisgn project creating a design 3 ring binder to track everything. This makes everything run so much more smoothly with all the small details that will be involved!



Here is my punch/ check off list:


1. Meet with wood flooring contractor: Booked and scheduled to start refinishing the existing wood floors next Monday - it will take 4 days to complete! GUEST ROOM HERE I COME!

2. Meet with the wallpaper installer:   Got the quote and quanities on seagrass wallcovering from installer last week before I left for Highpoint. 16 single rolls of wallpaper ordered and will be here next Monday. Installer booked the day after the floors are finished

3. Fabrics: All  drapery, bedding,  pillows, and upholstery fabric is ordered and on their way!

4. Electrican: Booked for the week after the floors are done to hang the new wall sconces. Need new wall sonces done before new wallpaper goes up.


We have decided to add crown molding and shoe molding in the bedroom. Here are what they look like now. Contractor is booked to have them done next week. Can not wait!!



Drapery Fabrics & Wallcovering Orders Finalized! These 2 things will make the biggest impact in the room!


I did find these amazing brass hammered gold stools at Highpoint! I ordered 3 for the foot of my king bed! I am adding faux fur seat cushions to them! This is the last item on my furniture list that I needed to check off!

I hope everyone has a great rest of your week! Good luck to all the linking participants! I look forward to trying my best to read them all! I love seeing progress with interior renovations! 







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Linda from Calling It Home has invited 20 design bloggers/ interior decorators to a challenged of revamping and updating a room within their own homes over a six week time frame. The #Oneroomchallenge has become one of my most obsessed social media events out there! A big thank you goes out to Linda for coming up with this FANTASTIC challenge!! I am over excited to see these 20 design bloggers/ interior designers transform their spaces before my eyes! I can not wait to see the before/after photos,  the inspiration photos, the plans, color schemes, the accessories, the fabrics and even what they do for their D.I.Y.  projects!




My "BFF" (#mylonglosttwin) Paige Minear with The Pink Clutch introduced me to this challenge. The excitement around the challenge is not limited to just the invited members. Linda has opened the challenge up to anyone with a blog, to participate as a "Linking Participant". Paige has and is participating as a linking participate and has encouraged me to do the same. Paiges's room during the last challenege (as a Linking Participant) turned out fantastic and I loved seeing the progress she made.  


Come along and follow me on my challenge as a Linking Participant !  I am doing the challenge with my master bedroom as a "Linking Participant" - not an Invited Participant. My partner and I bought our house 1 year ago. Since we are both interior designers, vintage furniture dealers, and are developing our own line of furniture we NEVER get to our own house. So this challenge was a very applealing to me to get the master bedroom "DONE" - like magazine ready "DONE". Our house is a 1969 two story cottage style house. We plan on renovating all of it but are not touching the foot print of the master suite. Our look that we are known for is Preppy On the Edge and Palm Beach Chic with tons of color and texture - plus lots of lacquered vintage furniture.




This are the before photos the master bedroom. Currnetly light gray painted walls, a lot of miss matched furniture and really no "design look" I dont even have a dust skirt! No drapes, no rug, not even a good bedding... I mean and I call myself an interior designer!


This is the back window leading to the master bath and closet

This is my List of Action Items:

1. Wallpaper all walls

2. Headboard

3. New sitting area layout (with a sofa for lounging)

4. Rug

5. Draperies

6. New Bedding

7. New desk nook in back window area.

8.  Update all furniture (new bedside chests & Console under TV)

9. New side chairs on each side of the TV console

10. New Lamps, accessories, pillows and wall art


The Furniture Floor Plan


Design Concept:

"Preppy Palm Beach"



Parrot Green, Brilliant Navy Blue, White with Tan Textured Seagrass Wallpaper


Design Inspiration Photos:


(Pinterest Image)


(Pinterest Image)


(Better Homes & Gardens)



Vintage Pair of Faux Bamboo Mirrors over each bedside chest